About me

I'm a qualified psychologist and psychotherapist having a private practice in Helsinki, Töölö. I'm writing a doctoral dissertation about human support in internet therapies, and studying to be a teacher of psychotherapy. I'm currently on study leave from my job at HUS Psychiatry, also studying life coaching and positive psychology. 


Virtual communication services are developed by everyone. E-mail and chat-contacts have become an important medium to communicate with clients, too. Sometimes it's forgotten, that this is a different mode of communication, and face-to-face or telephone services are not directly translatable to internet format. How can you communicate effectively to facilitate a change in you client, even by writing? How are emotions expressed through text?  

I give lectures and workshops about virtual interaction. My specialty is communication by writing. I learned about text based virtual interaction in my work with HUS Psychiatry, where we developed the internet therapy programs in Finland. Our team created the education for internet psychotherapists and my responsibilities included educating and supervising the internet therapists. I still learn about this field every day, since my doctoral dissertation is about the human support in internet therapies.

If you company is developing long distance services, you may want to educate your personnel about virtual interaction. Specifically the text based interaction is quite different from face to face interaction. If you want to make real change in your clients, feel free to contact me. I'm happy to make a tailored lecture of workshop with practical exercises suiting you needs.


Coaching is a solution focused way to approach problems. It helps with achieving important goals and recognize resources and assets, in line with the research of positive psychology. Coaching supports growth towards potential and readiness to understand yourself and your capacities. 

As a coach, I will help you to find your goals with questions. No specific advice is offered, but I'll help you to find the answers from your mind. I'm and intuitivie and inspiring coach, who has a strong presence. I want to offer means for a real change and help making the change step by step. Sometimes you need to let go something in the past before moving forward. When you really listen to your own hopes and dreams, you find the goals that are really yours, and easy to achieve because your motivated. 


I am a qualified integrative psychotherapist, with a private practice in Töölö. I'm always happy to see English speaking clients.